There have always been free BNC services, but what if a service existed that did VPSes and IRC instead?

VMBot is an FsIRC project that aims to provide a user with a free VPS (4GB of disk space with 512MB of RAM) with everything being controlled from IRC. The bot is written in C and is powered by libvirt.

Instead of a traditional VPS where you are assigned a publicly-routable IP address, your VPS will be behind NAT with an assigned DNAT port range (incoming ports), and an external publicly reachable IP address. Using a port out for this range alongside the external IP address, will allow for you to make your service exposed to the internet.

If you run out of ports, then you must free up ports by shutting down other services that are listening on these ports or you may tunnel traffic for these services through another server using a VPN tunnel, but this is left up to advanced users.

Where can I find this bot?

Network Channel(s)
FsIRC (irc.fsirc.net) #vmbot
Rizon (irc.rizon.net) #freespeech, ##linux
Stardust (irc.stardust.cx) #stardust, #vmbot

Once you have deployed a VPS, you must connect to the network you originally deployed the VPS on and join one of these channels every 30-45 days, or your VPS will be terminated.

Note that you must have registered with services (NickServ) beforehand. /msg NickServ register [password] [email_address].

Is it secure?

Yes, it should be. VPSes are isolated from each other (through the use of KVM virtualisation), and appropriate network filtering is employed. As always, if you find a vulnerability/misconfiguration, please contact an admin.

I need help, who to contact?

You may contact yyy on FsIRC, for help. Please be patient and do not disconnect immediately after asking.

You may also request this bot for your network/channel, if you are willing to include it in the topic/greeting message.


!vm = list commands
!vm template = list templates
!vm deploy [template] = deploy VM
!vm ls = list VMs and their associated IDs
!vm vnc [vm_id] = access VNC connection info and credentials
!vm stop [vm_id] = stop VM
!vm start [vm_id] = start VM
!vm destroy [vm_id] = destroy VM


FsIRC and its associated owners take no responsibility for any damage, injury, or data loss that may occur while using this service. You should take regular backups.

The source code is completely open-source and is licensed under GPLv2. git

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